12 career tips of Christmas – day one

The power of planning

What do you have planned for your career in 2013 – do you even have a plan? Our 12 days of Christmas career tips might help you set some goals.

At this time of year, everyone in adland is busy crystal-ball gazing to predict what the year ahead will look like. It’s easy to forget that the year end should also signal a time to refocus and reflect on past achievements as well as plan ahead. With that in mind, NABS is running its own 12 Days of Christmas series, on career tips. On each working day, right the way up to Christmas Eve, the NABS career team will be sharing their expertise on everything from handling pressure to building networks, from listing achievements, to adding value.

Everyone in advertising and media knows just what a fast-moving business we’re working in. Yet while most of us also know all about the power of planning, the speed of change coupled with the pressure of client demands means that career planning can all too often take a back seat.

Now’s the time to assess the successes – and yes, failures – of the past year and decide what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Assessing the triumphs and disasters of the past year will help identify your strong suits as well as areas where you could do with help or just a bit more training.

Don’t stop there: view your goals for 2013 in the context of where you’re hoping to be the year after that.

A well thought-out plan gives direction, structure and just as importantly, focus. It’s good practice to write down what you want achieve within a given period – say six months, a year and three years from now. A detailed plan gives you a framework for the weeks and months ahead that will enable you to stay focused regardless of what your clients/bosses/life in general throws at you.  It will also enable to start working out how to get there.

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