12 career tips of Christmas – day three

View yourself as you view brands

At this time of year, everyone in adland is busy crystal-ball gazing to predict what the year ahead will look like. It’s easy to forget that the year end should also signal a time to refocus and reflect on past achievements as well as plan ahead. With that in mind, NABS is running its own 12 Days of Christmas series, on career tips. On each working day, right the way up to Christmas eve, the NABS career team will be sharing their expertise on everything from handling pressure to building networks, from listing achievements, to adding value.

Know what your brand is and what you can deliver for your business; be clear that your perceptions of yourself may not necessarily match how others perceive you and find out how they differ. Be prepared to take feedback, whether positive or negative, but also know how to respond appropriately and how to use it for self development.

Know what you do well and build on what you could do better. Learning how to play to your strengths will stand you in good stead. Throughout your career the feedback you receive can sometimes be hard to put into action, but at other times it can be invaluable career advice. Listen carefully and respond in a positive fashion as these tips could spur you on to reach those dizzying heights you’ve been aiming for in the shape of your ultimate career goal.

It’s important to be honest about what floats your boat and equally about what makes your heart sink. In the real world, work often includes elements we actively dislike, but that’s just the nature of the beast. Work should however have a healthy dose of what excites and inspires you, enabling you to show your true passion and skills.

When you love what you do or want to do for a living, you’ll be naturally inspired to reach your career goals quicker. Find something you are interested in or enjoy, research the possibilities and make your plan of action. This may even involve enrolling on a short course to get you to exactly where you want to be. The road might be slightly different from the one that you had envisaged but the success at the end will be worth it.

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