12 career tips of Christmas – day eight

Be positive

At this time of year, everyone in adland is busy crystal-ball gazing to predict what the year ahead will look like. It’s easy to forget that the year end should also signal a time to refocus and reflect on past achievements as well as plan ahead. With that in mind, NABS is running its own 12 Days of Christmas series, on career tips. On each working day, right the way up to Christmas eve, the NABS career team will be sharing their expertise on everything from handling pressure to building networks, from listing achievements, to adding value.

The pressure and speed that we work under in our industry won’t go away. You can choose to take a glass half full or a glass half empty attitude. It goes without saying that those who take a glass half full view will be more productive, successful and self-fulfilled.

It may sound deceptively simple, but having a positive mindset can do wonders for your career.  By believing in yourself and knowing what you are capable of you can continue to achieve your targets. Don’t focus too much on the negatives; yes there will be times in your career that you will experience criticism, but you’ve just got to take it on the chin and rise to the challenge. Look at the skills and knowledge you do have, focus on these and plot how you can use them.

You need to manage your expectations – not every job or promotion you put yourself up for will be successful. But don’t be put off by this; concentrate on the positives and what you can take from them. You may have been unsuccessful in three job applications, but on the other hand you’ve connected with three contacts for the future. Similarly, by going for promotion you have displayed your passion to progress, even if you weren’t ready at that time. People will remember and your enthusiasm will be noted for when it next matters. Further, if you’ve been made redundant view this not as the end of the world, but as a chance to branch out and take on a new challenge. It’s easy to get into a fur-lined rut and sometimes a shake-up is what’s needed to achieve our true potential.

Finding the positive out of a negative experience can be difficult, but it can be the best way to show your drive and commitment to your career. Don’t fall at the first hurdle, pick yourself up and continue along that path to success.

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