12 career tips of Christmas – day nine

Be proactive

At this time of year, everyone in adland is busy crystal-ball gazing to predict what the year ahead will look like. It’s easy to forget that the year end should also signal a time to refocus and reflect on past achievements as well as plan ahead. With that in mind, NABS is running its own 12 Days of Christmas series, on career tips. On each working day, right the way up to Christmas Eve, the NABS career team will be sharing their expertise on everything from handling pressure to building networks, from listing achievements to adding value.

You need to be proactive in your job, especially when dealing with your superiors. If you have to bring your boss a problem you should bring a set of solutions too, so be proactive  and get a plan of action together suggesting how best to address the issue.

Understanding how to manage upwards is an equally important part of being proactive in your career, and no matter what position you hold in the company you need to be able to communicate effectively with everyone – including the management. You can do this by keeping your boss briefed and informed on day-to-day issues. They can’t be everywhere so it’s important that you keep them up-to-date on key issues they may not be so close to.

Being intuitive and using your initiative can play a big part in how well the management see you progressing. At times everyone’s busy and feels under pressure and it’s important you make sure that you’re not adding to it. But don’t let that put you off asking questions. If your boss is busy, make a note of the key points you’d like answered and wait for a quieter time, picking your moments for maximum impact. In addition, look for ways you can actively contribute to the company and don’t be afraid to speak up when taking part in planning sessions and brainstorms, but also make sure the idea you present is well thought out and reflects the company’s bottom line objectives.

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