12 career tips of Christmas – day twelve

The round-up

Over the past two weeks we’ve given you just a few hints and tips for how you can get ahead in your career. The new year is just the right time to take stock of your surroundings, and to refocus and reflect on those past achievements. So get planning and make those resolutions that can help you stand out from the crowd and to continue climbing that career ladder.

We’ve touched on a few serious and not so serious topics in our run-up to Christmas and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them, here’s a round-up of all our NABS career tips for Christmas.

1. The power of planning – In the fast-paced environment of advertising and media it’s important that you take stock of what you’re doing and where you want to be in the future.

2. Keep track of your achievements – Build up your own personal portfolio containing your career achievements that you can look back on with pride. It’ll let you showcase your talents to those who matter.

3. View yourself as a brand – define who you are. Be prepared to take feedback both positive and negative and use it for self development.

4. Never stop learning – identify where the gaps are in your knowledge and continue to learn new skills.

5. Keep up to date – Stay in the loop with the latest trends and issues that can affect you, your business and your client’s businesses.

6. Network – Building relationships with your team, your clients, peers and management is crucial to developing your career.

7. Identify a mentor – Having a mentor that you can trust can benefit your professional development and help you throughout your career.

8. Be positive – Choose a glass half full approach to your career – it goes without saying that you will be more productive, successful and self-fulfilled.

9. Be proactive – If you have to bring a boss a problem make sure you bring a set of solutions as well. Get a plan of action together and suggest how best to address the issue.

10. Surviving the Christmas party – Enjoy yourself and have fun, but make sure you avoid commiting any Christmas party faux-pas!

11. Build your online brand – Market yourself online and offline, having a good online brand can play a vital part in how you manage your image and other’s perceptions of you.

12. NABS can help – remember, we’re always here throughout your career, be it through advice, support, networking, learning or career guidance, we’re here to help with anything to do with your working life.

For more information about NABS head to our web page: http://www.nabs.org.uk/about-us/news.html

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