What we’ve learnt from our Tuesday Club Talks this year: Part five

In the run-up to Christmas and the New Year, NABS takes a look back at some of the highlights and words of wisdom imparted to us through a great line-up of ad and media luminaries who spoke at our monthly Tuesday Club Talks.

Our Tuesday Club Talks over the past year have played host to a variety of advertising and media talent. But our speakers have from time to time sprung a nice surprise on the audience by roping in contacts, clients and colleagues to give Partner Card holders a different type of inspiration.

In September, Sir Jon Hegarty hosted a debate on the topic of creativity with a touch of Hollywood flair by inviting Oscar nominated director Mike Figgis of Leaving Las Vegas fame and Oscar winning producer Andrew Ruhemann to the stage.

The panel gave great insights into not only the power of creativity, but also the importance of nurturing it. Here are a few tips from that evening on nurturing creativity:

Everyone can be creative

This was the first and most important point about creativity, and It was good to hear three exceptional creative minds confirm what NABS has always held firm on. Regardless of our job titles, we are all creative and have the potential to contribute to creative thinking and projects.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Often if we are still in a junior role, we can be afraid to speak up but this shouldn’t be the case. All three spoke about empowerment and being strong enough to be heard. But there is also a need for senior members to show encouragement and accept that creative ideas can come from anywhere. And remember, when you reach a more senior position, you should be open to ideas from the next generation of junior creatives too!

Balancing creativity

As we know, getting the right creative balance can be critical in our work. There were two sides to this discussion provided by the panel. On one side, they stressed the importance of giving creativity  free reign in our industry so that ideas aren’t killed off before they’ve had a chance to take form. However there also needs to be a fine balance, people can often fear speaking up with a counter view and this is the quickest way to destroy creativity. As Sir John put it: “every McCartney needs a Lennon” Whilst criticism can at times feel harsh, if you want your work to improve you need to find someone who isn’t afraid to give you a constructive and honest critique.

Creative ideas in our industry remain king according to Sir John.  And in the New Year it’s important that we make more time for creativity. After all, where would our industry be without it?

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